CLASSES  4 weeks for $150, Saturdays 10-11:30 and 1:30-3
Taught by Dean Fronk   90 minutes 12 actors max

In this class, Actor’s learn to break down a scene and record it as an audition by the end of the class.  Actors will be given a scene right when class begins each week.  The actors will then be given instruction on the scene and breaking it down line for line.  Actors will be paired and rehearsal begins right away.  We work on memorization through repetition.  We want the actors to be natural and not over coached.  The first hour of this class no one sits down.  It is constant energy and motion through PREPARATION.  The final half hour we record the auditions on camera treating it as a true audition.  Everyone is sent the audition link of the day’s class work so you can watch the work at home.  This class helps actors demystify the audition process.  It shows that practice does lead to improvement.  It will help actors build work habits for when they have auditions of their own.  Having the final link to view allows actors and their parents to see their progress and understand how the actor looks and handles themselves on camera.  Actors will get to work with other actors and have constant encouragement that builds confidence throughout.  This class makes auditioning fun!