1 hour $150 12 actors max, Fridays at 5:00

This class is designed for those who have none or are looking to sharpen their monologue skills. Every actor should always have a prepared comedic and dramatic monologue ready to perform at all times. Whether it may be in an audition or meeting with an agent, it is essential to have material prepared!  What would you do if you are at an audition and the CD asks do you have a monologue to show us?  This class is dedicated to finding each actor multiple monologues best suited to his and her type and personality. All monologues will be chosen, worked on and perfected while building confidence and readiness for the actor.  The first two weeks you will prepare one comedy monologue and one dramatic monologue- the last two weeks you will perform them for Dean Fronk week 3 and Donald Pemrick week 4.