ADULTS AND KIDS (these are single purchase only)

4 classes for $200 all ages and skill levels- this is a private class with Dean Fronk this class is the most flexible as it is scheduled to your availability

This is a private class that builds confidence in the audition room.  We focus on what you need to do to strengthen your audition skills through in the room teaching and viewing the on camera performance.  The actor gets the scene emailed in advance of the scheduled appointment.  The scene is accompanied with a description of the actual scene and a detailed account of what casting is looking for in the scene.  These scenes can get very big with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the actor’s skill level.  Actor’s will schedule an appointment time and will be expected to be off book upon arrival.  This is all about what happens in the audition room.  We teach that the one thing an actor can control is being the most prepared actor we see that day.  Auditioning is never as complicated as a single actor can make it.  When you know your material your confidence level in the room soars. The actor comes into the room and we have a scene discussion and answer any questions regarding the material.  You will do two takes the second being a re-direction with performance notes.  When the scene ends there will be constructive criticism in the room and you will receive the audition link with critique to view at home.  This class helps the actor understand what they need to improve in auditioning.  It builds tremendous confidence in a safe and fun setting so that when you get those co-star and guest star auditions, they will be a breeze.  Remember, the audition room is your and you need to own it.  The actor that comes into the room with confidence has already won the first part of the audition.